Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister's Hood

You'll have to excuse the blinding glow from my radiant golden tan. I recently returned from a fantastic, long overdue trip to Arizona to visit my one and only sister. Even though we are both grown, she still looks out for her little sister. She appreciates my sense of humor ("The Proposal", anyone?) and is a master at secret-keeping. She is one of the most logical, even-keeled people I have ever known.

And she showed me a fabulous time. From having her good friend pick me up from the airport to briefing me on how to get a better seat on my flight back home--she took good care of me. My sister, who hates spending time in the kitchen almost as much as I do, cooked for me. Even grilled steaks for me. And when I became obsessed with "sticking up a cactus", she made it her mission to find me just the right one (even if it meant water boarding a shopkeeper in Tombstone).

We cruised in her convertible.

We cruised on her motorcycle.

And while she slept, I greeted dawn with a stroll around the neighborhood. The time difference worked in my favor. An Arizona sunrise is like none other.

The differences in the desert and the East Coast were remarkable. The "rockscaping" and desert flora were sights to behold.

Traveling alone was a rare opportunity. I thoroughly embraced it. The love and concern I have for my 3 minor children were never in question ~ although for a millisecond I felt a twinge of Mommy Guilt leaving them. Being away from them for a weekend + 3 days was unheard of. But knowing this was exactly what I needed to do for me put my mind at ease. (That, plus the fact that their father and Granny would never allow any harm to come to them in my absence).

Having my flight out of Arizona delayed resulting in a missed connection on my way back home(and an unscheduled overnight in Atlanta) was an inconvenience. But even that couldn't kill my Getaway Buzz. I had the time of my life.

And if you had a sister like mine, you would have, too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talc-HIM Powder

This is what happens when you run downstairs to check on the laundry and leave an open container of baby powder in close proximity to a very curious little boy:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coffee Break

Contrary to my fondness for the occasional Starbucks, I'm not a huge coffee drinker. Sure ~ Mochas, Macchiatos, and Frappuccinos have a time and a place. But sometimes all I need is a hot pot of coffee at home. It's even sweeter when I am drinking it in good company.

Ever since school started, my mom has been stopping by for coffee in the mornings. Our "coffee talks" have become one of the weekly rituals I look forward to the most. I get my mommy all to myself. And she has my full attention. I've had the opportunity to reconnect with her. To rediscover her wisdom and insight. And as quiet as it's kept, her sense of humor is delightful.

She's really funny.

Spending time with my mother gives me a glimpse--a precious look--into who I am capable of becoming.

And that's gotta be worth way more than a week's worth of Dark Cherry Mochas.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Lucky #13

If I have to be old enough to be the mother of a teenager, I couldn't think of a sweeter or more creative teen to mother than my Savannah.

This weekend, my oldest child turned 13. When I look at her and remember how loving and forgiving she was as my first baby, I am humbled at what a beautiful young lady--inside and out--she has become.

Here she is playing at a "spielplatz" near our house in Germany, circa 2000.

And plane-spotting at Gravelly Point Park on her 13th birthday

I'm not always going to get it right, Savannah. Bear with me as we navigate the tricky waters of the next few years. I will continue to be The Embarrassing Mom, but just know this--I am also your biggest fan.