Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Understand

This song has been ministering to my heart ~ its words getting down into my spirit. Restoring my soul.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Status Quo

Sharon went from being "married" to "none of your #$%@ business".

Facebook ~ that virtual place where people find it necessary to change their relationship status as often as they change their underwear. Before the smoke clears after a falling out with their Significant Other, they are "single". After only two dates they declare they are "in a relationship". In an effort to buck this trend, I have hereby decided to keep my relationship status under wraps. So no knee-jerk relationship updates.

As much as I rolled my eyes during the interview, I admire how coy, private, and protective Beyonce was about her relationship and subsequent marriage to Jay-Z. I'm not a bootilicious, International Super Star, but she taught me a thing or two about discretion (well - up until she felt up her Baby Bump on stage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards). Rest assured: if I do meet a Mogul who steals my heart, you will hear it here first.

One Facebook friend said it best:

I'm not single and I'm not taken.
I'm simply on reserve for the person who deserves me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Maddening Mobility

Friends and family rejoiced when I announced that - at 5 years-old - Isaiah was a walker. One comment that stuck with me was, "Get your running shoes on now, Mama!" Little did I know not only would I need a pair of running shoes, but also nerves of steel, strength of a body builder, plus the agility and reflexes of a cat.

My son is small for his age, but is - like many kids with cerebral palsy - freakishly strong. I found just how strong when he rocketed me off of his feet the other day, a la Barnum and Bailey Circus. As a certified walker, he's not very sure-footed at times. And quite often he doesn't look where he is going. But I appreciate the fact Isaiah has strength and some control over his muscles. He is able to walk with a purpose. He can evade with a purpose, too.

Savannah doesn't typically allow him in her room. The other day, she forgot and left her door open. Little Brother made his way in. I stood in the doorway for a good 30 seconds while Isaiah outmaneuvered all of Savannah's attempts to wrangle him. He went left, he went right, he twirled circles, staying just out of her grasp. When it finally looked like her victory was at hand (she had hooked both of her arms under his), enter The Boneless Chicken. Isaiah went utterly and totally limp - collapsing into a lumpy pile on Savannah's floor. Poor girl looked so frustrated. And that lil' stinker looked so pleased with himself. I laughed until it hurt.

Talk about a mixed blessing. Zay is mobile, but non-verbal. So if we are leaving therapy and he decides he wants to stay longer, he can't say, "Hey Mommy, can I play in the waiting area for a few more minutes?" I get a healthy helping of Boneless Chicken. One of 2 things follow: (a) coaxing him to get up with a bribe from my purse or (b) grabbing him up and carrying him out in my arms. I could always wait until he's ready to get up, but life doesn't always run on Isaiah's Time. For that reason, I keep his stroller in the van at all times

I appreciate that Isaiah expresses himself. The way he communicates. I will continue to modify and adapt The World depending on the situation. He has taught me the value of patience and perspective.

And the value of a good circus act.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Must Be This Tall to Ride

To say I've been riding The Emotional Roller Coaster lately would be an understatement. The highs and lows, dizzying at times. Unexpected twists and turns abound - taking my breath away. Plunged into sudden darkness only to be rocketed back into daylight.

Through it all, one thing is clear: I am still moving forward. Not always confident what's around the next bend, but strapped in, prayed up, and holding on tight for the ride.