Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our New Abnormal

Wednesday morning, J bundled up a very sleepy Isaiah and drove him up to D.C. for the second sedated MRI of his brain.

His first MRI was in Germany 5 years ago. The results were interpreted as "normal" findings--with "slight scarring" around the ventricles in his brain. His neurologist at the time couldn't attribute most of Zay's symptoms or delays to the test results.

And so began the testing-him-for-everything-under-the sun process. "Normal", "negative" blood results time and time again....years of no answers for his condition. Nothing to explain the Cerebral Palsy he was finally diagnosed with in 2008.

His new neurologist ordered a fresh MRI earlier this month and Isaiah had the scan this week. Dr. S called us yesterday with the results: abnormal findings.


Isaiah's brain has pockets of fluid ~ cysts ~ around the ventricles. And without even looking at the first MRI images, I know that is miles from "slight scarring" that was noted when he was baby. Dr. S won't have access to the old MRI until Monday, but he won't be back in the office until Thursday. So we have to wait. Wait and see if the changes are significant. To see if the cysts can help explain the damage to Isaiah's brain and his subsequent disabilities. The mystery of the enigma who is my son could be answered.

This is the same son who taught me the true meaning of faith, patience and determination...who learned how to crawl at 3 and walk at 5. The same little boy who didn't let 3 steps keep him out of the kitchen from the den.

He is happy.

Regardless of the implications of the test, Isaiah is a blessing from God. And God doesn't make any mistakes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Matters

This past weekend we drove down to Virginia for a visit with J's family. We've only been back a handful of times since he joined the military. Rarely has it been for pleasure trips. We are usually on Emergency Leave when we travel to Virginia, having lost a family member.

But this trip was different. J's former brother-in-law and his wife threw us a huge (and unexpected) BBQ on Saturday. We attended after stopping to visit J's favorite aunt and the fire station where he clocked in countless volunteer hours. After church on Sunday, we were treated to a wonderful family luncheon. It was the perfect "Welcome Home".

"Lady and the Boy" ~ Aunt C's dog was so patient with Zay

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Runaway!

I mean "getaway"...:)

Home Sweet least for the next 20 hours

Hanging out in the "Relaxation Lounge" following my fabulous pedicure

Sipping water on the Potomac

This room is ALL mine!
Did somebody say "King Size Bed"?!

Nighttime at my pad

Ready for bed in my Michelle Obama bathrobe (a birthday gift from J)

YES! My pedicure lasted through the night!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mommy Has Left the Building

Yesterday was my 38th birthday. I was treated to some wonderful surprises, including this necklace from the kids (thanks, Mom!)

Today I am treating myself to my first ever pedicure.

Welcome to Birthday Getaway 2010.

I'm booked for an afternoon "Pedicure Royale" at the spa of a local hotel. And then I'll be spending the night. Me. Alone. In a hotel. In a King Size bed. With maid service.

Happy Birthday to me, indeed. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Not So "Low" Mein

Monday was the kids' last day of Spring Break. It was entirely too beautiful to spend it in the house doing Spring Break school packets they had been neglecting, so I loaded up the crew for some sun and fun.

But first, lunch.

The girls agreed on Chinese food. Some of the best Chinese food we ever ate was in Germany. Yup, Germany. We got spoiled on "Little Asia" in Giebelstadt. It had the best crispy duck with noodles in the world. And while we were stationed in Darmstadt, we found comfort with "Happy Garden" ~ which was more than happy to deliver to our on-post address.

Always on the lookout for good Chinese takeout, we decided to give a place around the corner a try. Three lunch specials and $20 later, we were picnicking in the park.

Two days later as I was doing some online banking I noticed the charge for lunch. My eyes got as wide as woks at the amount: $99.35. Almost a hundred dollars for Chinese food for 1 adult and 3 kids?!

I found the receipt in my wallet. And right there in minuscule print was the $99 charge and my signature of approval. All I knew was that the guy had told me the order was just over $20. He started the transaction on one register and then went to run the card on another. I hadn't even looked twice at the receipt I signed.

Having little faith that I could plead a successful case at the restaurant, Savannah and I drove down there anyway. The lady at the counter was able to pull out the handwritten orders and receipts from Monday. She refunded my money without incident. Even she had to giggle when she said, "So, we owe you $75!"

Fortune cookie: "Lo mein will cost you high dollar"

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Ovum Obama" what I named our offical White House Easter Egg:

Easter 2010 was a gorgeous day--and not just because of the weather. Easter is always a beautiful holiday to me for what is signifies: the resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

And the Bunny cometh...

My lovies outside of Pastor Granny's church

Yay for Easter!

Now let's go find some eggs...