Friday, April 9, 2010

Not So "Low" Mein

Monday was the kids' last day of Spring Break. It was entirely too beautiful to spend it in the house doing Spring Break school packets they had been neglecting, so I loaded up the crew for some sun and fun.

But first, lunch.

The girls agreed on Chinese food. Some of the best Chinese food we ever ate was in Germany. Yup, Germany. We got spoiled on "Little Asia" in Giebelstadt. It had the best crispy duck with noodles in the world. And while we were stationed in Darmstadt, we found comfort with "Happy Garden" ~ which was more than happy to deliver to our on-post address.

Always on the lookout for good Chinese takeout, we decided to give a place around the corner a try. Three lunch specials and $20 later, we were picnicking in the park.

Two days later as I was doing some online banking I noticed the charge for lunch. My eyes got as wide as woks at the amount: $99.35. Almost a hundred dollars for Chinese food for 1 adult and 3 kids?!

I found the receipt in my wallet. And right there in minuscule print was the $99 charge and my signature of approval. All I knew was that the guy had told me the order was just over $20. He started the transaction on one register and then went to run the card on another. I hadn't even looked twice at the receipt I signed.

Having little faith that I could plead a successful case at the restaurant, Savannah and I drove down there anyway. The lady at the counter was able to pull out the handwritten orders and receipts from Monday. She refunded my money without incident. Even she had to giggle when she said, "So, we owe you $75!"

Fortune cookie: "Lo mein will cost you high dollar"


Jamie said...

Holy Crap!! I would be so upset. Thank goodness she refunded the money! If you ever make it to our neck of the woods we've got the BEST Chinese restaurant 2 minutes from our house!

Sharon said...

I almost cried, Jamie! And good Chinese 2 minutes from your house?! I would *never* cook!