Saturday, May 28, 2011

14-Day Guarantee

Angus came with a 14-day "guarantee". PetSmart promised to treat him for any illness or disease and replace him if necessary if the unthinkable occurred during the 14 days following purchase.

Today is Day 14. I am relieved to report that Angus is alive, perky, and still a male. The kids are great with him - especially Savannah. Although she still refuses to touch him, she will make sure he has fresh food every morning. She also gives me behavior reports and nap updates. She cuts up kiwi for him and picks the greenest greens for him to nibble. We let him out of the cage every evening to run around in a sectioned off (courtesy of Zay's baby gate) part of the house. He wheets and "popcorns" like a parolee. Mariah supervises his recess and as a result, Angus has grown very fond of her as well. I am surprised at how the little guy has blended in so well with us. But I have to admit, Furry Pet Ownership has been an adjustment...

Recently overheard at my house:

Has anyone seen the hay?

Has anyone seen ANGUS?

But he doesn't want to wear the leash!

Guinea Pig on the loose!

Are those pellets under your bed?

I have never shopped the pet aisle at Target. I have never compared the nutritious properties of different hay. I have never debated the benefits of recycled paper bedding material over wood chips. Shockingly, I enjoy "Guinea Pig Today" as much ~ if not more than ~ "Glamour".

I have also learned:

A red-eyed guinea pig - when the light hits just right - can look possessed.

Isaiah loves Angus, but is also used to being Mommy's only "Mama's Boy"

Just holding Angus can lower my blood pressure

Angus' eyes aren't nearly as creepy with the flash turned OFF

A slumbering Guinea Pig is one of the cutest sights on Earth. Trying to get an actual picture of it is almost impossible. I guess if I my sole purpose for existing was as food for other creatures - I'd be a light sleeper too.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stepping Up to the Challenge

My very special Olympian brought home The Gold at his school's annual Challenge Day. This year they saluted our military. Invited service members escorted the classes in the parade, demonstrated technique, and presented the medals.

Isaiah's epic event was the Ruck Sack Hike. Typically, soldiers carry 40-pound backpacks and lug equipment for the 20-mile, all-terrain hike. Zay wore a hand-weighted backpack up and down a mat ramp.

Daddy was the class' official escort

Left, right, left, right, left!

My Hero

Two awesome students presented a "Proud to be an American" tribute featuring sign language...

...which was no match for America's bravest

Monday, May 16, 2011

Run! It's Anguirus!

Mariah is a huge fan of "Godzilla". While most girls her age are watching banal Hannah Montana repeats, Mariah is busy scouring eBay for classic movies featuring her favorite Tokyo-stomper.

It's no secret my kids want a dog. I know I said I had been considering adopting a shelter dog, but realistically - I don't think it would be a good fit for us right now. The kids have done wonderfully this school year and are old enough for added responsibilities. A pet. With more personality than fish, but is less work than a dog.

Enter Anguirus.

He is the newest member of the Brownies ~ my brown Guinea Baby, if you will. He is named after a monster from the 1955 "Godzilla" movie. And yes - you can guess who named him. It's pronounced ANGER-us, but I call him "Angus". He is adorable. He has a gorgeous rusty-brown colored coat and freaky, beady red eyes. There's nothing wrong with him. His irises have no pigment and are reflecting the red of the blood vessels (so says the Internet). But still, f-r-e-a-k-y.

But he is absolutely sweet as pie.

...which he will end up in if this Pet Experiment 101 is an epic fail.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh the Wonderful Things My Son Can Do

Mr. Brown can moo.
Can you?
Can you go like a cow?
Can you go, "Moo Moo"?

~ Dr. Seuss

Last week was Isaiah's annual neuromuscular team evaluation. While some experts in attendance wanted to recount what he still isn't doing, I was more than happy to share news of his amazing progress.

And have a little fun with them.

When the physical therapist asked if Isaiah could jump up with both feet clearing the floor at the same time (which is something he learned from his cousins a few months ago) I suggested that the best way to get him to do it was for them to all get up and jump up and down. I knew full well that Zay would not perform on command - no matter how hard they tried...or as was the case - how high they jumped. But it tickled me beyond measure to witness this display while Isaiah stood there looking all, "WTH is wrong with you people? One word: 'decaf'."

* Isaiah can, in fact, jump up clearing both feet off the ground.

* He is also giving hugs - at will. Walk over to you, put his arms around your neck, head hugs that threaten to burst my heart.

* He can now ride his school bus without his wheelchair. I know we were going to wait until this summer, but his paraprofessional triple-teamed me with the PT and the bus aid. One day last week, the ramp never came down. My son and his aid came stepping off the bus. Shock doesn't begin to describe how I felt. But nothing was stronger than the pride.

There can be so much negativity associated with the Special Needs Universe. Comparing our kiddos to "normal" kids. Anxiety over what our kids can't do. We need to remember to celebrate the inchstones as well as the milestones.

Sometimes it's nice to put the spotlight on all the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Babies Booming: Part 2

Mother's Day was a little extra special for two more of my friends. Each Mommy celebrated with a brand new baby - the most recent additions of the huge 2011 Baby Boom.

Welcome, Brooks and Camden!