Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh the Wonderful Things My Son Can Do

Mr. Brown can moo.
Can you?
Can you go like a cow?
Can you go, "Moo Moo"?

~ Dr. Seuss

Last week was Isaiah's annual neuromuscular team evaluation. While some experts in attendance wanted to recount what he still isn't doing, I was more than happy to share news of his amazing progress.

And have a little fun with them.

When the physical therapist asked if Isaiah could jump up with both feet clearing the floor at the same time (which is something he learned from his cousins a few months ago) I suggested that the best way to get him to do it was for them to all get up and jump up and down. I knew full well that Zay would not perform on command - no matter how hard they tried...or as was the case - how high they jumped. But it tickled me beyond measure to witness this display while Isaiah stood there looking all, "WTH is wrong with you people? One word: 'decaf'."

* Isaiah can, in fact, jump up clearing both feet off the ground.

* He is also giving hugs - at will. Walk over to you, put his arms around your neck, head hugs that threaten to burst my heart.

* He can now ride his school bus without his wheelchair. I know we were going to wait until this summer, but his paraprofessional triple-teamed me with the PT and the bus aid. One day last week, the ramp never came down. My son and his aid came stepping off the bus. Shock doesn't begin to describe how I felt. But nothing was stronger than the pride.

There can be so much negativity associated with the Special Needs Universe. Comparing our kiddos to "normal" kids. Anxiety over what our kids can't do. We need to remember to celebrate the inchstones as well as the milestones.

Sometimes it's nice to put the spotlight on all the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do.


Chaney, Lee, Jackson, and Zoe said...

Awesome!! Love this post!

ONCE A DAY . . . said...

You are such an amazing mother and woman! Thank you for being so inspirational. Best of continued blessings!

Sharon said...

Thank you both!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh... my... goodness! I nearly spit coffee on my computer when I read about the specialists jumping up and down! I love it!
While the specialists may focus on what our children can't do, we know better - it's the things they CAN do that make it all worth it. Thanks for sharing.