Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Testimony

My personal life has had to endure some strife lately. I thought about sharing my testimony once the trials and tribulations were over. But as any Believer knows, they are never truly "over". That's what builds our faith. And God has been faithful through it all ~ reminding me with His continuing miracles that He is still in control.

Life is full of ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments. We don't always know why we go through until we're through it and look back. But in some situations, we'll never fully know or understand. The beauty of God is that His love is constant. Even when we mess up, He's there to help us clean up. Even when our own poor judgment brings us to a crossroads, God is still right there, nudging us to choose His path--His best for us--and walking beside us every step of the way. He's even there to carry us when we can't muster one more step.

So instead of waiting until my victory is won, I'm going to praise God now. For testing my faith. For working on me. For working in my life. For opening my eyes to His goodness and mercy. For loving me despite my past and the unwise decisions I have made. For loving me enough to not leave me the way I was. For opening and softening my heart.

For all of this, I give the Lord a great big Madea "Halleluyer!"

Can I get an "Amen"? ;)


Karen the Californian said...

Amen!! :-)

Angela said...



Michele said...


Praise Him in advance! All that you said is the TRUTH. How much He loves us, "He's even there to carry us when we can't muster one more step"...Girl, I know that's right!

Thank you for your testimony! I love you!