Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leggo my Eggo. Seriously.

When people hear the term "comfort food", they automatically think potatoes, mac & cheese...typical carbs. Somehow, around the 24-pack-a-week mark, frozen waffles went from lovely, occasional breakfast fare to my drug of choice.

What can I say? They are perfect. Warm, light, and toasty. Crispy and tender all at once. Their sole purpose is to bring me happiness. Oh ~ and poundage. My clothes have been shrinking ever since I arrived at Waffletopia. But that's OK. The view from Celeryville is overrated anyway.


Trine said...

Evening :)
Found your blog through Bloom and I just HAD to say that the photo of your kids at the top of your blog made me smile so big. What a beautiful shot xx

Sharon said...

Thank you so much! That was my FAVORITE shot from Isaiah's "Littlest Heroes Project" photo shoot. It was on his 5th birthday. :)