Sunday, March 31, 2013

Paying it Forward

A few months ago I read a quote on Facebook to the effect that when you are in God's will and obeying Him through seemingly insurmountable circumstances, people will want to help you.  And they won't know why.  People will want to be kind to you.  And they won't know why. 

The British television show, "Downton Abbey", is one of the few programs I've found myself getting into lately. Joining the bandwagon late, I relied on Netflix for Season One.   After anxiously waiting on The List at the public library for nearly two months for Season Two, I requested the third - a wait that would be at least as long as the first.

A Mommy Friend I met on a parenting forum several years ago, but whom I've never met in person asked me if I had gotten a hold of the third season.  She, too, a huge fan.  Then to my utter surprise, she offered to let me borrow her copy.  To say I was elated is the understatement.  I graciously gave her my address and eagerly awaited the DVDs.

The following week, a box arrived addressed to me.  But it was from Amazon.  And I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon.  I ripped open the box and out spilled "Downton Abbey" Season Three...and Season Two...and Season One.  Brand. New.  I retrieved the packing slip which said, "_____ has sent you a gift".  The personal message from her was that I would need not return the DVDs.  They were all mine to keep.

I could barely see through my tears to type her an immediate "Thank You".  She wrote back that she had had every intention of just mailing me her copy of the third season to borrow, but something told her to buy me the whole set instead.

What did I say to that?  How did I respond?  Well, I cried. A lot.  This Act of Kindness touched me in a way and at a time in my life that restored my faith.  That let me know that my trials and tribulations have not gone unnoticed.  That tides turn.  Seasons change (literally) and God is good (all the time).  At that moment I realized the power of Paying it Forward.

And that's exactly what I decided to do.

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