Monday, July 12, 2010

D'oh! A deer!

Just look at it sitting there. Looking all smug.

The labs from CSI aren't in yet, but I have reason to believe this is the Prime Suspect in my heinous hosta heist. It had the nerve to saunter into my backyard this morning...helping itself to green snacks along the way. When it got nice and full, that's where it plopped---right there in the sunshine.

Yeah, I get that they have been displaced by construction. Boo-hoo. But we are going to have to learn to co-exist.

If they stay away from my flowers and shrubs, I promise not to hunt without a license.


Gween said...

I'm sorry but I am busting a gut! We had a nice little herd living in the woods near our apartment buildings. I secretly willed them to come over at night and eat all the flowers these stupid neighbors plant, but that's because my neighbors suck. I haven't seen them in almost a year and it makes me sad to think those little baby deer growed up to meet the end of a bullet.
How 'bout letting your deer know he's welcome up here. I'll do my best to keep them loaded with flowers and plants while keeping the rednecks at bay.

Sharon said...

Oh I would keep the fawn in a heartbeat! Those little white spots are so endearing.

How 'bout I keep 'em 'til they turn into nuisances and then let them know they have home up there with you!:)