Monday, August 23, 2010

Presidential Sweets

There are certain perks that go along with J's position with the White House Communications Agency.

There's the exclusive White House merchandise. Remember the Easter egg and my "First Lady" bathrobe? And then there are the tickets to special events--professional basketball, football, and baseball games. Earlier this summer, WHCA personnel were invited aboard the Presidential Yacht USS Sequoia:

Presidents who chillaxed on board

Non-President who chillaxed on board

Family members were invited to participate in a tour of the WHCA facility back in June.

The Obrownies

The Obamamobile

Last week we were delighted to get a tour of the White House. What a treat! Well--maybe not for the unfortunate security guard who informed me that my purse was forbidden on the tour. He then had to endure my TMI explanation of what was in my purse and why I needed it.

Have you ever seen a Black man blush?

Once inside, (sans my Coach), the White House was magnificent. The view out of the Blue Room--facing the Washington Monument--was breathtaking. Isaiah even got an unscheduled tour of the kitchen. His wheelchair gave him and his escort, Daddy, access to the "secret" elevator--which happened to be through the kitchen. They shoulda snagged some "O" dish towels...


Gween said...

I actually have seen a black man blush...but not for the same reason.

too bad you couldn't sneak some pics...but totally awesome that some of y'all got to check out the kitchen.

Sharon said...


I thought for sure they were going to make us strip down to our tidy whities, Gween!