Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Freedom earRing

On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2011, my 11 year-old decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. I had to give it to her - she knew what she wanted and never wavered. This is the child who shuns any unnecessary pain (which, when it comes to the prospect of any future tattoos, is a really, really good thing), but who went headlong (earlobelong) into her very first (and prayerfully, ONLY) piercing. I was 30+ years-old before I had the courage to do the very same thing.

Seems like all the Brownies have had "growth spurts" of sorts. A couple of weeks ago, I bought Isaiah size 5 pants for his school uniform. Notice, I didn't say '5T'. He was hulking out of those. And now, even the regular fives don't fit. All of his PJ's that we used to have to roll up now make him look like he's ready to wade in the water. I cannot believe my baby is going on 7 and even more than that, I can't believe he's ready to wear size 6!

Savannah returned recently from a church youth convention with over 6,000 other adolescents in Ocean City, Maryland. I remember being President of my church's Youth Group back in the day. And now Savannah already has a retreat under belt. Glad Pastor Granny and Uncle K were there to keep her in line. Or was it the other way around?

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Michele said...

Mandie, I cannot even put into words how much this hit home...Savannah will be heading off to college IN JUST 5 YEARS!

Just this week I was thinking...10 years from now, Eli will be 21 and the girls will be 19...