Monday, January 17, 2011

This is Fishlips

If you see this face, then it's probably too late. Isaiah is already out to get you. More than likely as a result of something you did to him - any time in the past. See, he holds a grudge. But there are also times when Fishlips is seemingly, totally unprovoked. It can be followed by a swipe, a hair tug, a push, or a pull.

Even our extended family recognizes and appreciates the power and prowess of the Fishlips. It's become a part of our vernacular.

"Don't Fishlip your Granny!"

"Uh-oh, he's doing the Fishlips..."

"Mommy, he's Fishlipping me!"

My mom says it's all a part of Isaiah's trying to control his world anyway he can. For a boy who has no spoken language, sometimes all you need to do is read his Fishlips.


Gween said...

Is it wrong that I'm totally giggling?

Michele said...

LOL, Go Zay! At least they've be warned..."It may not be today...perhaps not even tomorrow...but I'm gonna getcha!"