Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus

Ah, Spring.

Blooming flowers. Warmer temperatures. IEP reviews.

Earlier this month we attended Isaiah's Individual Education Plan meeting. It's an opportunity to meet with his school "team" and see how much progress he has been making towards his goals. He is still operating on an infant level in many areas of his cognition and abilities, but his gross motor functioning continues to strengthen and improve.

His PT feels it's time to "pull his chair", ie - no more wheelchair at school. Which would mean no more wheelchair on the bus.

Remember how I held onto his walker for dear life? I am nowhere near wrapping my brain around the bus idea. He'd still be restrained in an integrated harness on a Special Needs bus. He still requires A LOT of hands on assistance especially with with steps. And let's face it, that first bus step is a doozy. As ambitious as the therapists and teachers are, I'm just not sure I am ready to take away his safety net - my mental safety net - just yet.

So we agreed on a trial run. We'll see how he does during Summer School. I will walk him out onto the bus and strap him in. (And I have no idea where to put his backpack! It usually hangs from a carabiner clip off the back of the chair). Someone will have to get him off the bus once at school...and make sure he gets to class OK. Gads - I am already sweating. He is such a little guy for his age. And boy does get distracted easily...

I know they wouldn't recommend this if they didn't think he was truly ready. Apparently the only time he uses his chair at school lately is for transportation to and from school. They told me he doesn't even take it on field trips anymore.


So, who is going to take off this Mama's training wheels?

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