Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Shawty! It was my Burfday!

This past weekend I hosted an eclectic gathering of family and friends to celebrate my birthday. For me, it was more than a dinner party. It was a Coming Out party of sorts. I feel like I am coming out of so much lately...not the least of which will soon be my 30's. I'm coming out of my comfort zone. And ultimately, coming into my own.

I knew exactly who I wanted there - yep, my Bounceable Bunch of Besties. Naturally with life, they couldn't all attend, but I was definitely feeling the love from those who came ~ from near and far.

The Venue

Mexican chocolate cupcake with hazelnut mousse filling = one decadent Birthday Cake

Not 'UNO' this time

Cousin Michele travelled the farthest

And Jennifer, my Gween, took the biggest leap of faith - we've never met in person, despite the fact that we have known each other for years. Bet she's glad I'm not a very patient axe murderer. I'm glad she is awesome.

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