Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bounceable Bunch

Resilient people identify those who are available, trustworthy, and helpful. Then they go towards that light.

~ Dr. Dina Carbonell in "The Bounce Back Book" by Karen Salmansohn

One of my assignments from this book was to identify ten people in my life I consider friends. And then ask the questions: who is 100% rooting for me to live my happiest life and not competing or jealous and who do I always feel happier visiting - not more depressed? Those who make the cut would be considered my support system. The peeps I'd like to call my "Bounceable Bunch of Besties".

There are more than ten people I can count on in my life. But I was intrigued by the eleven names that sprang to mind...and by the ones that didn't. Despite my 200+ Facebook "friends", I know who has my back. And what an eclectic bunch they are: relatives, Army wife buddies from various duty stations through the years, moms from parenting groups I've belonged to (in fact, #12 is a parenting group) - old friends and a brand new one. A few of the BBB's I've never even met in real life. But they all share the same real qualities. It's clear who I can call, text, or post to in full crisis mode. I know who is going to listen with an open heart and allow me to find my way - even if she doesn't agree. I know who resists the temptation to judge.

I'm blessed and don't take my Bunch for granted. I've always believed that having good friends requires being a good friend. So it doesn't matter to me if I'm #1 or #10 on a friend's BBB list. Just as long as my name is there.

Bounceable Bunch - bounce on.


Bethann said...

I need a LIKE button for Blogville.. :) Cause I like this alot :

Sharon said...

...aaaand that's why YOU made the cut. :)