Saturday, February 12, 2011

Superbowled Over

The Washington Redskins were out of the running early on. Which left Savannah's Philadelphia Eagles. (I still have 0 idea how I gave birth to an Eagles fan). Rooting for them was painful enough - dealing with their getting knocked out of Superbowl contention was almost unbearable. Fond ties to Washington state and our time there gave me mad love for the Seattle Seahawks. And clearly that didn't work out for me either.

But by the time Superbowl XLV rolled around, I was delighted to finally have a team I could get sincerely, genuinely excited about. One that had a real chance of winning it all. Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have no ties to Pittsburgh. But I have known their head coach since high school.

Mike Tomlin and I were classmates and Denbigh High School Class of 1990 graduates. Not only athletic, Mike was smart. An all-around nice guy. A natural to be voted our class' "Most Likely to Succeed". Although his team didn't win another Ring this year, he has already proven that superlative beyond our wildest dreams.

Which brings me to my vote for the Superbowl XLV ad "Most Likely to Succeed in Making You Smile". It goes to Volkswagen. The Star Wars Geek Mom in me could barely be contained:

The Force is strong with this one.

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