Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Angels

As I tucked in Isaiah last night, one family I have come to know through my Special Needs Support Group had said their final goodbyes to a precious child - and another family was preparing to. Two amazing girls who both fought unique medical battles - battles that ended both their young lives entirely too soon.

I cannot imagine losing a child. I take that back. I can imagine it, but not for too long. Not before I begin to lose it. But my faith reminds me that children aren't ours to keep. When God calls them back up to Heaven for whatever reason, we have faith that their lives have served a purpose. And that's where we should find comfort.

But I'm selfish. I'm human. I love my babies. I want them here with me.

Just like Ellie Mae's mama and Emilie's mama wanted to keep them close to them. I'd like to believe Ellie Mae welcomed Emilie into Heaven early this morning. Took her by the hand and said she would show her around. I'd like to think they skipped off together - something their earthly bodies had not allowed. And then Ellie Mae showed Emilie her wings. And then showed her how to fly.

I'd like to think that.