Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Cakes 2 A-T", Fits 2 A-T

The local bakery graciously accepting the challenge from Icing Smiles,Inc., to design a dream cake for my dream middle child is none other than Cakes 2 A-T of Baltimore!

Icing Smiles, Inc., is a non-profit organization that coordinates with bakeries to provide Special Needs Families with Special Custom Cakes. (My friend's son is the little boy marveling at his fire-breathing dragon cake on the Icing Smiles homepage).

You can see Cakes 2 A-T's amazing work here. They have presented masterpieces to celebrities, children, weddings, showers - there seems to be no limit to their creativity.

We'll see their vision for Mariah's surprise "Godzilla" cake come to fruition next week. If their previous work is any indication, we should all be prepared: Run for your lives! It's GODZILLA!!!

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