Friday, December 23, 2011

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Ah. Christmas Eve Eve.

I should be freaking out that my Christmas cards were never manufactured this year. I should be freaking out that the fragrant aroma of the Douglas fir is emanating from a Glade candle. According to Martha Stewart, there is a whole list of things I should be freaking out about.

But I'm not.

This will be the first Christmas of my "New Normal". Circumstances have given me the opportunity to see the absolute meaning of Christmas clearly. This year wasn't about the Perfect Picture for the photo cards. It hasn't been about scoring the most popular toys or video games. For me, it's been about being grateful for what I have despite the challenges. In the midst of my New Normal, my blessings are sure and abundant. Jesus Christ's grace and mercy are the best gifts of all.

Sure makes macing someone over an X-Box or pair of Jordan's seem trivial. Well, those things are, actually.

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