Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The First Day

Of school, that is. This morning I sent off my most prized possessions--my kids. Savannah is beginning the 6th grade middle school, no less. Mariah trotted happily off to 4th grade and Isaiah was sitting contently in his kindergarten class when I left. I don't know which was harder, dropping off Savannah at her bus stop or walking out the door of the elementary school with my other 2 back inside. As happy as I am that school has finally begun, I am painfully aware of much I'm going to miss them. And how much I want them to be OK. This is a big day for them, but also a huge day for me. Every time they start a new school year, it takes them further and further away from being my "babies". Bittersweet? Without a doubt.

So here's to my 3 Chocolate Brownies on their First Day of School. Mommy loves you, is so proud of you, and is saying a little prayer for you all right now.


Christy said...

Awww, I hope they all have great first days and that you adjust to the peace and quiet after the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summertime togetherness. As you well know, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Have snacks ready for when they come in the door. Better yet, put them out on the stoop so they don't stampede. If post-school Jack is any indication, they will be STARVING when they get home.

Michele said...

I Hear ya, Momma Mandie! It took me a solid month to ready myself for the approaching school year. Just seems like it was harder this time around...

I still can't fathom that Vannie is in middle school...Yah Yah is in 4th grade and "the baby" is in kindergarten...unreal!

God bless you, James and the kiddos! How is James coping with having a middle school age daughter? :-)


*Baseball bat?....Check!

*The "I'll hunt you down" look on his face?...Double check!

Karen the Californian said...

Love the picture on top!

And so now how do you fill your days while the kids are in school? Surely you're reclining in front of the TV (soaps, of course), snacking on bonbons, right? ;-)