Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brain Freeze

What is it about J's car that entices every bird within a 2-mile radius to poop on it? It's not bright or flashy. It sits out in front of the house and not even under a tree. Since J's homecoming is imminent, I took it upon myself to de-poo it yesterday.

The frozen garden hose should have been my first clue. It hadn't been above freezing for a few days. But it was 37F then. I figured the water in the hose hadn't had a chance to thaw. So I went in the mud room and filled up buckets with warm water and car soap. I pulled J's car into the driveway and doused it with soapy water. The mess came off surprisingly fast. That gave me incentive to go ahead and wash the entire car.

I was ShamWowing when I realized that the water had stopped running down the driveway. It was s-l-o-w-l-y freezing.

In my good deed I had unintentionally created a death trap. I had turned my driveway into an ice-skating rink. The air was above freezing, but apparently the ground didn't get the memo. I have no idea what I was thinking. I don't do cold well.

Fortunately, it's supposed to warm up to the 40's today, so I'm hoping that gives the ice a chance to melt and evaporate. And just in time, too ~ it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Wake me in the Spring.

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