Thursday, December 3, 2009

DeFence's Down

Like the Berlin Wall, our backyard "rent-a-fence" has finally come down. Our contract was up in October, but we decided to leave it alone until early December. November was a dark and rainy month that had me rethinking the decision. But the fence is gone now and of course, the sun is supposed to be shining for the next several days.

Which means, there hasn't been any rain during my mother's visit! She flew out from the East Coast around Thanksgiving. She said she wanted to lend a hand with moving prep. I secretly think she wanted to make sure the kids and I were all right. We love spending time with her. It is so heartwarming for me to see her unique interactions with each of my very different children.

For me, sometimes it just feels good to get let go and just be the child again. The way she loves and respects me as an adult, a wife, and a mother is humbling. And can I tell you how awesome it is having another set of grownup eyes, ears, and hands around here?!

Mariah put it in perspective this way: my van battery died one evening this week after my mom, the kids, and I had been shopping at Target. While I searched frantically for someone to call, my mom was able to locate our "24-Hour Roadside Assistance" card--a card I didn't even realize we had. (I vaguely remember hearing about it the night we bought the van, but I have never needed it). My mom kept me calm and rational. But most of all, she was there. I couldn't even imagine being stranded with the kids all by myself.

While we were waiting on the cavalry to arrive, Mariah and I went back inside Target on a snack-finding mission. While we were waiting for Isaiah's chicken tenders, we had this conversation:

Me: Tonight has really taught me a lot, Mariah. I need to get a set of jumper cables, I need to know where my assistance card is, I need to have more emergency contacts, and...

Mariah:...and---you need your mom.

Yes. Yes, Mariah--I do need my mom.

Love you, Ma, and I miss you already!


my3kids20042007 said...

Yep exactly Sharon. I need my mom too. It was soooo good when she was here along with my dad.

Michele said...

Oh Mandie, there is nothing in the world like your own Mommy!

I am so thankful that everything worked out.

Karen the Californian said...

I need my mommy too.

Your mommy -- she's something special, isn't she?