Thursday, December 31, 2009

Know Pain? No Gain!

During our week filled with "lasts", we had a quite the "first": the first time calling Poison Control.

Isaiah found a cup of Gain in the laundry room Tuesday evening and decided to take a swig. I was busy in the kitchen when I heard that distinct sound of gagging/puking. When I realized it wasn't one of the girls, I followed the sound to one very sick little boy doubled over by the washing machine. At his feet was a red cup surrounded by a puddle of thick, teal blue fluid. I had passed by that half-filled cup at least 11 times that day with no other thought than, "I wonder what J has in there?"

I yelled out to him, "WHAT WAS IN THAT CUP?!" He answered, "Gain" as he came rushing into the room. I grabbed the entire bottle and looked up the number for Poison Control. The guy who answered was surprisingly laid back. (One of my main concerns is the fact that while Isaiah is now mobile and extremely curious, he is absolutely non-verbal. He can't tell us his tummy aches or if his head hurts). PC informed me that very rarely do kids drink enough detergent to reach toxic levels. It tastes BAD. Mariah commented that she couldn't understand how something as yummy- smelling as "Apple Mango Tango" Gain could possibly taste that bad.

J fed him a bowl of ice cream as recommended and soon my happy, non-puking, little boy returned. Although, he did seem a bit disappointed that something as yummy-smelling as "Apple Mango Tango" Gain could possibly taste that bad.

But his breath has never smelled better.


Jamie said...

Aww, poor Isaiah and poor Mommy! How scary. We had to call poison control when Lexi got into my stepmom's child proof medication (she was only away from me for 30 secs!). We had to make a trip to the ER where the staff wasn't so nice....but she's fine, so it's all good.

Jenny B said...

Ahhh poison control! I'm glad he's okay!! And glad your okay too.

Karen the Californian said...

Whew! How scary! Glad he's okay, with clean breath too!

Michele said...

Thank God that all well and baby Isaiah is just fine!

And I agree, the Poision Control folks are as cool as cucumbers!