Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Today J and I took Isaiah to the hospital for more blood work. There wasn't anything else I thought they could test him for, but 6 full vials later ~ I stand corrected. After the MRI, his neurologist ordered more screenings. We meet with the new geneticist at the end of the month. She requested family photos and pictures of a growing Isaiah through the years. I think that will be fun to see myself. People are usually in one of 2 camps of thought when it comes to Zay: he either looks like everybody in our family or nobody in our family. I think he looks like Isaiah.

And speaking of the family, Mariah and I shared a very special "Girls' Day Out" late last week in celebration of her "blossoming" into womanhood---very much like the day Savannah and I shared a few years ago. We lunched, we shopped, we laughed. I didn't have the heart to tell her how quickly the novelty wears off...

Savannah is doing well in school. And next month, she'll be graduating from elementary school for the second time. Gotta love those resilient Military Kids who can move from a place where 6th grade is in middle school to a place where 6th grade is in elementary school ~ in the middle of the school year. She doesn't seem to mind, though. A party's a party. What she probably does mind is the fact that she has to wear a dress for the promotion ceremony. A white dress. Between now and then, it's my mission to find the most non-frilly, non-froufrou, least-likely-to-be-a-Confirmation dress on the market.

Other news on the Brownie front is our Big Move. Well, it's not that big--practically just around the corner. But it's a huge step for us. More about that later...

"Glee" is about to come on. :)

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