Friday, June 25, 2010

Flora v. "Fawn"a

Landscaping our yard has become quite the rewarding undertaking. Several trips to Lowe's ~ painstakingly picking out just the right flora ~ and our yard is practically on par with the neighbors around us who pay for the professional work.

On one of our Lowe's runs, one plant in particular caught my eye. Not sure of the name, but the leaves were dramatic providing nice contrast and texture to my garden. To my delight, after just a couple of weeks in the garden, it started to sprout buds. Bonus! Had no idea it was a flowering plant! What a perfect photography opportunity--before the buds open and after.

So I snapped this picture a few days ago:

I watered, weeded, and spoke kind words over it in anticipation of the moment when the buds blossomed in all their glory. A moment I would capture forever with my camera.

Instead, this is what stopped me and my watering can dead in our tracks yesterday afternoon.:

Not exactly the "after" picture I was going for. Whatever plant I fell in love with was apparently nothing more than Happy Meal fodder for deer.

I wonder if Lowe's carries masking spray and B.B. guns. 'Cause yeah, it's on.


Heather said...

Oh Sharon, I've seen that exact image in my yard so many times. Those dang deer just LOVE hosta.

In fact, deer seem to love many things that I plant, even if the label says 'deer resistant'. I'm learning as I go. I figure my garden should look marvelous when I'm about 60. ;)

Bethann said...

Oh no.. My heart dropped as I paged down to see the flower that wasn't :( So sorry.

Sharon said...

Thanks, ladies!

I'm disappointed, but not deterred. The hostas will rise again! :)