Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little Pomp + A Little Circumstance

Well, the final baby bird has been pushed out of the nest. Isaiah graduated from Kindergarten this morning. The classes put on an adorable program. The Special Needs graduates performed a song in sign language with one very brave little boy singing the solo. From his wheelchair and unable to even hold his own microphone, he inspired everyone in attendance. Brought us to tears and then brought us to our feet. He epitomized the can-do spirit and determination of our special kids.

During the After Party back in the classroom, Zay's teacher showed videos and a slide show featuring highlights from this school year. There was a video clip of Isaiah's feeding himself with a spoon! His teachers and therapists kept us updated on his strides throughout the year. Seeing him in action was more than fantastic. And that = less work for me.

Take it easy, Daddy ~ it's just a clip-on.

Walking over to receive his diploma

I got this.

Buh-Bye, Kindy Kubby


Christy said...

WOOHOO!!! Awesome job, Isaiah!

Sharon, the way you chronicled the day with your pictures is awesome. You've got quite an eye and are an amazing visual storyteller.

Guin said...

what a special day! Way to go Isaiah! That little guy may just rule the world someday...he's got my vote!

Sharon said...

Thank you both for being in our lives from the beginning of this journey. :)

Bethann said...

I'm crying and he's not even my own son graduating !! Thanks for sharing his special day with us . Way to go Isaiah !!