Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Suddenly, my days are shorter. By stark contrast, my "To Do" list is growing longer. I've had several false starts with Blogging lately.

So, I'm going to call this *ahem*...

Stuff That Happened When I Wasn't Blogging.

Thanksgiving was beautiful. It was the first time in several years that I was able to sit down at my mother's impeccably set table, feeling awful thankful to be together this year.

Isaiah's Knob Saga is finally, blissfully resolved. After contacting the company directly, Andrew (AKA: my Knight in Shining Armor) came through. He UPS'd not only The Knob, but replacement tires, a new "H" harness, tools for installation, and instructions ~ free of charge. Didn't even ask for our insurance. Other companies could learn a lot from this.

The Infamous Knob

Fall weather is definitely here to stay, with winter licking cold at its heels. Today the temperature dropped 20 degrees in 2 hours. J has been scouring the neighborhood for free firewood. And with two fireplaces to fuel, I'll take what we can get.

Too bad we can't chop up the trees in our yard. They were gorgeous as the leaves changed...

...but J and the kids must have blown and raked up 4.5 million bags of leaves.

And alas, my new camera lens has arrived. Haven't had the chance to really break it in yet. But I think I am already in love.

But please don't hold your breath for that Perfect Christmas Card Photo.


Tonya said...

The photos are BEAUTIFUL! I might need to get a new it a longer one or something?

Life is looking good...especially with the new lense! :-)

Glad the Knob situation is working out.


Sharon said...

Thank you, Tonya!

I just went "up a size" with my camera lens. I wanted to be able to go telephoto on occasion. ;-)

I pray all is well with you!

quilty mama said...

I read your article in the Complex Child on-line newsletter about your DME provider. I DO believe those types of issues may be more wide-spread than you think. I took us THREE vendors and about 3 years to finally get my sons wheelchair replaced. Lots of mis-truths, lots of phone messages not returned, and bad customer service. My son, like yours, uses his chair every day; he is a total wheeler. It is very frustrating.