Saturday, December 18, 2010

Do You See What I See?

So I put it off long enough. Holiday Photo Shoot 2010 was actually a success. Our New Year's cards are ordered (the "Christmas Card" ship has sailed).

Despite my initial apprehension, the kids (read: ISAIAH) cooperated. And before I could morph into Shutterbugzilla, the deed was done. The result is a holiday card I am totally delighted with.

Here are some nuggets that didn't make the cut this year, but still prove what a fun and lovable bunch o' Brownies I have.

The look on his face = something is about to get set OFF


My beauties

You know it's a fun shoot when ornaments start sticking to clothing

Naughtiness was afoot

"Lalalalalala! Can't hear you, Mommy. The shoot is OVER."

1 comment:

Michele said...

Your children are growing up so, so beautifully!

Isaiah's expression is PRICELESS, love that boy!