Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jesus Take The Wheel

Make a U-Turn if possible.

This, the urging of my navigation system (I've dubbed her "Navi") if for some reason I veer off of her chartered course. She has never steered me wrong. Even when it came down to her or me during our 2009 road trip to Disneyland...even when I think I know better, she is programmed with the insight I just don't have.

I like to think God is a lot like that. I take comfort in it. He has chartered a plan for our lives. And if we listen to Him, we can't go wrong. All of His maps are instantly, constantly updated. He keeps track of all road conditions and on-going construction. And he adjusts our direction accordingly.

He gives us Free Will. We can opt out of His path. Choose our own way. Find ourselves stranded, out of gas, and in a bad neighborhood.

I'm thankful for the "resume route" option on my GPS. One touch to the screen and no matter where I find myself, Navi will reroute me. Recalculate the directions and tell me the most efficient way to my destination.

God is that type of God. And prayer is the key to resuming the route if we get ourselves off course. It's actually the way to stay on course. If we just stop trying to do things our way and let Jesus take the wheel, we'll get where we need to be. Not that there won't be bumps in the road or unexpected pit stops, tire blowouts, or inclement weather. By knowing - accepting - that God is control, we can sit back, relax, and take in a little scenery along the way.

Destination ahead.

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Michele said...

Wow...just WOW!

Although sometimes it's frightening to see just how much we've gone off course, I too am thankful that He allows me to Resume Route.

I LOVE this post.