Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yesterday we left Southern California for San Francisco. I was armed with my trusty atlas and printed Map Quest pages. (I take my "navigator" role very seriously). James programed the navigation system (whom I refer to as "Navi") as a back up. She is usually on par with my skills.

Until yesterday.

We merged onto I-5 north and after about 17 miles, Navi told James to exit onto the 101. My instructions were clear: stay on I-5. As we neared the exit for the 101 and Navi continued to press the issue, James found himself in quite the conundrum: obey his wife or obey his navigation system. Guess who he listened to...

So off onto the 101 we rode. It stung, but it turned out to be the better decision anyway. I was dreading the drive back up I-5. The scenery between LA and SF can be a bit desolate along that route. Visualize any Wile E. Coyote cartoon during a chase with the Roadrunner as they pass the same cactus, desert, and cliff over and over again. The 101 took us past the infamous Hollywood sign and along the Pacific Coast for a stretch. It was much more kid and driver-friendly. And bonus, we avoided a toll. I have to give Navi credit for that.

But she really needs to work on that Miss Smartypants tone of hers.

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Jenny B said...

Our Navi system talks in a sexy lady voice and her name is Mandy. The kids yell, "Thank you Mandy!" when she gives us directions.

Have a safe trip.