Friday, April 10, 2009

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Movies keep popping up about "old" people waking up young again. First of all, 37 isn't old to me. And not just because that's how old I turned yesterday. We are a culture obsessed with youth. It's quite sad actually. I'm not ashamed to be in my mid/late 30's. I was a twit for a large part of my early 20's.

Of course I can't help but face my own mortality, but let's face it: we are ALL born dying. And no one is guaranteed 75 or 80 years. It's what you do with the time you have that matters the most.

Every birthday should be celebrated. As my mother always says, getting older is much better than the alternative.

Cake and roses courtesy of my very tuned-in husband who, although he isn't big on fusses made over him, understands and appreciates who I am.


Jenny B said...

Glad you had a special birthday! I swear, I was thinking the same thoughts you wrote, almost word for word the other day.

Happy birthday!

Brian said...

Happy belated b-day cousin. 37 is easy, wait until you start to see the number "4" at the front of your age. WOW...that lets you know you've turned the corner.

Karen the Californian said...

Some very wise words spoken there. Happy birthday. And many more!