Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Middle Cub

Last night Mariah and I went to the movies. Savannah turned down my invitation. I guess 11 is too cool to be hanging out with your mom and baby sister. Little does she know I already have our date night all planned out. Muwhahaha!

Mariah really wanted to see the new Disney movie "Earth". As I sat there with my sweet cub witnessing the "Circle of Life" play out over and over again, it was if all of the sacrifices of my mothering had been validated. All those mamas fiercely protecting and providing for their youngins ~ very often to their own detriment.

That's how we roll.

Funny moment: a great white shark was devouring a seal in super slow motion (not the funny moment, btw) and with water churning and teeth gnashing on the screen, Mariah turns to me and whispers in my ear, "I thought this was rated 'G'..."

Hakuna Matata, my young one.

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Jenny B said...

That IS how we roll!! I went with Abbe Mae's pre-k class to see it. I thought it was good but a bit much for 20 four year olds.