Thursday, April 23, 2009

2010 ~ A Spacey Odyssey

Gisela from Kodak Gallery: My name is Gisela. How may I help you today?

Sharon: Yes, I would like to begin work on a 2010 photo calendar, but on the design page there is no option for for the year 2010--just 2007-2009.

Gisela: I see. I will be right back...

Six minutes later...

Gisela: Yes. I see we haven't updated our system yet, so 2010 isn't an option yet.

Sharon: Well, this is for a calendar I want to gift this summer. Do you know when 2010 will become an option?

Gisela: I'm not sure, but I would think by the end of this year.

Ya think? By the way, who are these people still in the market for a 2007 calendar?

*logging on to Shutterfly ~ where 2010 is already an option*


Jamie said...

I'm LMAO at this!

Wendy M. said...

hahaha! Wow! That is brilliant! hehe!

Trina Gueck said...

Oh my! That's crazy! is another great choice.