Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sonic Boom

A new Sonic drive-thru opened last week. Big deal because up until now, there hadn't been a single Sonic here within a 100-mile radius of home. There was one positioned right outside the main gate of Fort Sill during our time in Oklahoma. It quickly became one of favorite quick bites to eat. But it was often hit or miss...i.e., if the grease wasn't somewhat fresh, anything I consumed quickly became human Drano.

Not a problem last night. Only fresh grease at this Sonic less than a week-old. We had attempted to eat there Friday night. Notice I said, "attempted". When we got there, there were workers directing cars to a pre-staging area. We were told the wait was at least an hour. Basically, it was bombarded with two main groups of people: (1) those who had relocated to this area who know, love, and miss Sonic and (2) those who had never heard of Sonic and wanted to see what the fuss was about. At any rate, we didn't stick around with either group. We were hungry. So I bid adieu to the possibility of enjoying a Cherry Limeade that evening and we headed over to the brand new Long John Silver's.

Not a family easily deterred, the next morning James declared, "We are going back to Sonic and you ARE going to have your Cherry Limeade!" Sir, yes, sir! We loaded up in the van armed with a newspaper, magazines, and DVDs. We would show the pre-staging area how to look good doing it!

It was packed again when we got there, but we were only the second car in the pre-staging area this time. The manager was cheerfully handing out cherry limeade samples to everyone in line. Then we received a sticky note with the time we arrived to place on the windshield. We were then directed to the actual staging area. It was a roped off area with about 10 different "lanes" separated by even more rope. Once we were corraled, there was no escape. No worries, though ~ they had me at "Hello! Please enjoy this complimentary cherry limeade!"

It was over an hour before they finally pulled back the velvet rope and let us proceed to the ordering stall. By then, I could have eaten 2 of everything on the menu. But I settled for a chicken sandwich combo with a...wait for it, wait for it...CHERRY LIMEADE!!!

The best day ever? Nah. But it sure came close.


Michele said...

I am sooooo glad you got your cherry limeaid! I love how the whole family makes sure Mommy gets what she needs.

Although I've never been to Sonic, I'm kinda getting the feeling I might be missing out...

Wendy M. said...

I love sonic! Totally cool way of preparing to get what you want with the magazines and stuff!

Christy said...

I'll never understand why they show Sonic commercials on TV here when there isn't a Sonic within 50 miles of our area. They taunt me so with their deliciousness!

Bethann said...

We just got our Sonic last year and love it.. my fav??? always.. the cherry slush with lime and chili cheese tots .. LOL

Glad you got yours !