Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tug of War Part 2

It looks like the path of least resistance for our family would be for the kids and me to stay in Washington state while James is overseas.

We prayed, crunched the numbers, looked at the big picture and decided it would be better for us to wait until the fall and move as a family. Once we came to that decision, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of our shoulders.

We are going to break the news to the kids tonight...over pizza, root beer floats, and a puppy.


Michele said...

You guys are one of the strongest families I know.

I wish this delay could be avoided; But I imagine that once James returns and you guys get to see your dream play out that it will be greater than anything you could have ever imagined.

In the meantime, I will continue to pray for each of you and this situation because you know...anything is possible!

Karen the Californian said...



I'm sorry you have to stick around on the WC (that's west coast, not water closet!) longer than you want to.

Don't know exactly why I'm sharing this with you right now, but maybe you'll get something from this:

Today during Bible study we were reading about how at the end of the gospel of John a few of the disciples went fishing after Jesus' resurrection but caught no fish all night long, and then when a friendly stranger (guess who) advised them to throw their nets on the right side of the boat, suddenly they had a catch of over 150 fish. This catch of fish was so big that they couldn't haul in the net themselves. And yet their net had sustained no damage. Obviously it was a God thing. One of the things we began talking about was what would be our response when God really does answer a prayer exactly how we ask for it (sometimes it's so unbelievable how exactly God has custom-built an answer to a prayer!).

Anyways, I've got no answer for you... just wanted to give you some hugs and let you know that although we're praying for you, I'm secretly glad you're only seven-hundred-some-odd miles away from us, not a few-thousand-some-odd miles away from us. You know, because we get to see each other all the time. ;-)

Sharon said...

What a blessing you both have been to my life.

Thank you your words of wisdom and encouragement. They mean more than you will ever know. *big hugs*

And no ~ there's no puppy. The kids took the news better than I could have imagined so there was no need for bribing. ;)