Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. B. Goes to Washington

It looks like another brotha and his family are heading to Washington, D.C. this year.

After beginning an application process in 2007 while still at war in Iraq, my awesome husband successfully completed the process and was approved for a new position in D.C. He reports for duty in early August. Which means the Brownies will be on the move yet again. But this time, we hope to stay put for a while. And this time we'll be surrounded by a support system of the family and friends we have missed so dearly during the last several years during our time overseas and on the West Coast.

And in keeping with God's perfect timing, this means James won't be deploying to Iraq next month. It would have been his third tour. His unit has already begun the process of finding his replacement. My hope and prayer is that these wars will end soon, will end responsibly and that no one will be sent to replace anyone else again...ever.

We've known for weeks that this opportunity was at hand, but my husband had me under a gag order until everything was finalized. Water boarding ain't got nothing on what I've been through: I couldn't mention it on The Blog.

Now that was torture.


Bethann said...

Great news for you and your Family !
I happened upon your blog (while visiting Tobinville, which I do regularly) and keep coming back for more. I enjoy keeping up with you and your little brownies! :)

Sharon said...

Thank you so much!