Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Russia with Love

You've heard of the "Black Russian" (the drink, the bagel), but have you met the "Smiling Black Russian"?

J recently returned from an assignment in Moscow with Vice-President Biden. Even though we feel like we've traveled the world, Russia has never been on our radar. J brought back pictures and souvenirs that made the kids and I feel like we were there (and enough toiletries from the swanky hotel to smell like we were!)

J at Red Square

St. Basil's

Ice, ice, Basil's

Crystal Basil's - one of my gifts

Musical Basil's - one of Savannah's gifts

Babushka Babies - another gift. J brought back a set for everyone.

When in Russia, what else do you get the Eagles' biggest fan (*Savannah*)?

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