Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gooey Brownies

S:  I hope we win our first game.

Me:  Have faith in your team!  And remember:  it's not whether you win or lose - it's how you all play the game!

S:  (blank stare)    Uh, have you seen us play?

Truth be told, they aren't that great.  Savannah described her softball team as the Bad News Bears of junior varsity.  She's on a team with a few girly girls, some more concerned about getting their hair messed up by the batting helmet than hitting a home run.  But in my eyes, they might as well be World Champions.  They accept my daughter for who she is.

Asperger's Syndrome is quirky thing.  It limits social skills and peer relationships.  Savannah hasn't had any real, typical friendships.  She prefers solitude.  Reading, creating stories, obsessing over vehicles - which is her thing.  (If you are considering an automobile purchase, vintage or right off the showroom floor, you'll want to consult her first).  It can be difficult to steer conversations in another direction. So when she shows an interest in anything else, I'm eager to see where it takes us.

When she first mentioned playing for her school's team it was at the suggestion of one of her teachers who happens to coach the upperclassmen. When she agreed to attend a practice, I was thrilled.  She was grinning when she got into the car afterward.  She was officially on the team and looking forward to a competitive season (too bad her team wasn't...) They haven't won every game, but that's the last thing on my mind. 

I'm just so proud of my Brownies. 

They are adjusting and settling into our new normal.  Happily expressing themselves, growing, and doing well in  school.  Mariah recently placed third in her school's Science Fair.  She'd probably have placed higher if I had regained feeling in my left index finger sooner.  We both learned a valuable lesson: insulated wire + battery terminal  = heat.  Yowza.  She was selected  for a musical program taking place at a local amusement park. Singing and performing seem to take Mariah to her Happy Place. 

Everywhere Isaiah goes lately seems to be his Happy Place.  His IEP meeting this month was encouraging. Everyone gushed at how well he is meeting his goals. I adore his team and appreciate that he has been able to have the stability of a small, familiar environment. We were out and about the other day when a friendly woman approached and greeted my son by his first name. She knew Mr. Popularity from school.

I really need to get out more.

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Bethann said...

Wonderful ! So glad everyone is settling in nicely and finding their own special place :)