Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Nook Hook

In my defense, it was "The Hunger Games", after all.

Remember a few months ago when I declared e-readers were the work of the devil didn't hold a candle to actual paper books? That no matter how colorful a Nook or how on fire a Kindle was, they would never replace books in my life?

Well, I've been Nooked.

Mariah's entire school received brand new Nooks courtesy of Panera Bread. They sponsored a mind + body fitness field trip at a local resort. The Nook was the students' surprise parting gift.

I was impressed, but not interested. Have I mentioned I have a bookmark with strips of bacon on it?

Enter: The Hunger Games and all of its mania. I am a firm believer in "reading the book before watching the movie". And Bandwagon-Jumping is one of the few sports in which I actually participate. The decision was made on a gloomy, wet Pajama Saturday. Dowloading the book to the Nook was e-a-s-y. And even though I attempted to "lick my finger and turn the page" on more than one occasion, that e-reader won me over. I bought and downloaded the second book of the series less than a week later.

Flipping through an actual book is still enjoyable. And there's nothing that can replace the stanky perfume samples and maddening subscription cards that rain from fresh magazines. To reaafirm my faith in the Paper Word, I took the kids to the public library last week. I gushed to them about the countless hours I have spent in libraries during my lifetime. With renewed enthusiam I approached the librarian at the information desk. Newly-minted Library Card in hand, I inquired about "Mockingjay" - the last book of the Hunger Games series. The one I had been more than a little eager to finally read. That's when I heard the snort and giggle from Librarian #2. My odds of hitting the recent record-sitting lottery would have been better than getting my hands on that book. I was informed the waiting list was a mile-long.

I could hold my place at #115 for a library book that could be borrowed and downloaded to an e-reader in about 11.5 seconds.

And that, my friends, is Reason #6,780 why robots are destined to take over the world.

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