Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vice Grip(e)

Parenting children with Special Needs has taught me to be less judgmental in all areas of my life (except driving - some people are still idiots behind the wheel).

As much as I attempt to "understand and appreciate" other's choices, there are a few things that people continue to do in 2012 that simply stump me: 

(1) Smoking.  With all of the studies.  All the restrictions.  All the warnings. People still smoke cigarettes.  Hats off to anyone who has quit successfully.  It is definitely a challenge, but it is definitely worth it.  No one around me smokes,  but it takes me aback when I see people flicking butts out of their car windows (which is a whole 'nother annoyance).

(2) Super-Sizing.  Even before the infamous documentary was released, it was safe to assume fast food was best in moderation.  I remember that going to McDonald's was a treat for us back-in-the-day.  It wasn't anything we did regularly.  It has been a quick, easy choice for me as a parent, but I know a steady diet of that crap isn't a good idea.  Asking them to increase the portions seems like a recipe for disaster, literally.

(3) Tanning.  Obviously not everyone is born with my melanin and my ability to bronze automatically in the sun.  But with so many other - less carcinogenic - ways to brown up, I can't grasp why someone would bake herself on purpose.

Ah well.  I eat pork, chemically relax my hair, and hate to exercise.  And I could eat Chick-Fil-A seven days a week, but they are only open six.

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