Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dancing Savannah Brobee!

Yo Gabba Gabba fans: BEHOLD.

I love how casually James walks by like we do this everyday.

Savannah is going to flip when she sees this on The Blog. I'll be showing it again at her Wedding Rehearsal dinner.


Jamie said...

What a good sport she is! And it's great blackmail material, lol.

I've got to laugh at James - he looked at you two like WTH!

Michele said...

LOL! GO VANNA...It's your birthday...Go Vanna..It's your birthday!

Jenny B said...

Dance like you mean it! LOL And did James ignore you or shake his head? Too funny.

Savannah is going to be long and lean!!! She's adorable and must love you a whole lot to do that for you!

Maria said...

YES!!! Love it!