Friday, January 30, 2009

It Nevers Rains in Southern California...

...and other weather-related myths.

Before we moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, everyone told us how mild the weather is supposed to be. Plenty of rain they said, but everything would be lush. The winters weren't harsh and no A/C needed in the summer. "It will be a lot like living in Germany", they said.

In the 12 months that we have lived here in Washington state, I have been nothing less than baffled by the weather. I should have known something was up when summer arrived with forest fires, a total of 8 days in the upper 90's, and the rest of the days in the 60's. Fall came waaaaay too early--I didn't even have time to unpack my capris. Winter blew in with a Canadian blast. Ice storms, snow storms, wind storms. Then came the flooding.

So I guess it's only logical that my wake up call this morning be James alerting me of an "EARTHQUAKE!" Nothing like a small earthquake to start off your weekend. Maybe that's what they meant by mild.

I guess the next thing I should expect is a "mild" eruption of Mt. Rainier.

If you need me, I'll be in the fetal position.


Jamie said...

Aww, you experienced your first West Coast shaker? Did the kids freak out? I promise if you're here long enough, you'll get used them. I know - no way you'll stay here *that* long.

How big was it? Because us Californians tend to laugh at other people's "big quakes." Except I have no idea if they're as big in WA as they are here. I would think so with all the mountains.

BTW, you've been there a year already?

Sharon said...

I feel so wimpy! It was only a 4.5 (or 4.6-depending on who you ask...) and everyone in the house felt it but Mariah and Isaiah!

At least we had a year to get used to the idea! Maybe we'll be back East before the "big one" hits!