Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mr. Brownie

With just a few days to go before the Girls Scouts start taking preorders for cookies, Mariah is finally settled into her new Brownie troop. The co-leaders are so sweet and the other girls are friendly. It's been so good for Mariah. On Christmas Eve we joined with the other troops to assemble and distribute cookie trays (each family was asked to bake or buy 2 dozen cookies to be delivered by the girls to the hospital, fire stations, gate guards, on post). Mariah earned her first patch for that activity.

In preparation for the big cookie-selling season that kicks off this Friday, we went and got Mariah's uniform all it's bells and whistles. The girls aren't required to wear anything special for meetings, but they have to wear their vest or sash for official Girl Scout "scouting". James asked me to print out a chart from the Internet to show where all the patches, insignias, Try-Its, and numbers are supposed to go on the vest. Then he proceeded to break out the ironing board, the iron, and a ruler. He had that thing looking dress right dress in no time! While the rest of us were eating dinner and getting ready for bed, James was busy putting the finishing touches on a Brownie vest. By the time he was ready for Mariah to try it on, she could have been reviewed by Queen Elizabeth herself.

James seemed a little disappointed that the Brownies can't earn Combat Patches. I'm sure he'd find the perfect spot on the vest to put it.


Alison said...

Sharon, I love the family picture on the sidebar!! ....and the little car photo at the top. Your children always look so happy!

Sharon said...

Thanks, Alison! Be on the lookout for a few pics. that show their less than stellar moments, lol!

Michele said...

HILARIOUS! Go James! Look out, now, I suspect that the rest of the troop will be asking for assistance.

Mommyof2boys said...

I love how he's so involved !! They know all about where them patches go Hehe