Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Like I needed another reason to be on the Internet... *sigh*

I'll admit I fought it for longest. I thought I was in touch with all the people I wanted to be in touch with. But there are a few that have crossed my mind with a "I wonder how ____ is doing...?"

And now I can find out.


Christy said...

FB is so much fun! It's not very time-consuming either (unless you start playing the word games so be warned!) I've caught up with some old friends on there which has been really, really nice.

Mommyof2boys said...

I tried FB for a few days and I didn't really find anyone or get on much...I did join CafeMom though !
Now if I can keep up with all this LOL

Anonymous said...

LOVE FB, love it so much I deleted my myspace!!! I've caught up with so many people on there & I love playing BINGO! lol