Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did I Call at a Bad Time?

Isaiah is beginning to trust himself. He is so very eager to walk alone. We seemed to have hit a wall after his fantastic "first steps" 7 months ago. But with the addition of aquatic therapy once a week, he seems to be back on the right track. What is beyond frustrating for him and heartbreaking for me is when he lets go, takes a few steps, and then freezes--totally freaked out. He'll just stand there whining and shaking, unsure of what his next step should be, literally. But this weekend, something seems to be clicking. He walked the length of the couch (a sectional!) with his hand merely threatening to grab hold. It's so encourgaing to see all of his determination paying off.

This week I was sitting with Mariah waiting for Isaiah at one of his therapies. We were looking at videos on YouTube. I taught the kids how to do the "YMCA" dance earlier in the week and wanted to see if I could find other people doing it, correctly. (The original Village People "video" is posted on there---hee-larious).

So while we are sitting there, this couple walks in. It is obvious that they are in the middle of a fight. I could have cut the tension with a knife. I busy myself with Mariah and my netbook, but they don't try to hide the facts. The Lady is apparently upset that The Guy had a strange call on his cell phone. Guy gives Lady the phone and she points out the offending number, which conveniently isn't accompanied by a name and has the area code belonging to a questionable female. Guy is trying to convince Lady that there's a good explanation.

Before I could stop myself, I did a video search...then turned up the volume:

"Kiss Me Through the Phone" played softly in the air.

Shame on me, The Instigator, but that absolutely made my day.