Friday, July 3, 2009

1 Week?! Seriously?

James has been gone for exactly 7 days. One week. So why does it feel more like a month? I feel like I am the service member--doing more before 9am than most people do all day. It's easy to forget how inconvenient having one parent around is when your family unit is used to two. Is cloning illegal in Washington? Sharon 2.0 would be everything I need her to be and she wouldn't need to be told what to do. The amount of leisure time she could afford me would be insane.

But alas, there is only one of me--a refrain I find myself chanting over and over again to my children. They are settling in to James' absence and our "new normal" pretty well. They can be such complaint go-with-the-flow'ers sometimes....although Isaiah actually shrieked for joy when we finally pulled into the drive-way yesterday after a packed, hot day out.

Mariah has taken this week to become a serious ALF fan. We stumbled upon an ALF marathon on TV last week. Of course I was absolutely giddy--that show was a Monday night staple in 1986. I didn't know if the kids could fully appreciate it--especially Mariah, who is terrified of E.T. She loved it. We found the first season on DVD and have been watching every night. Savannah thinks it's silly. She's totally correct, but that hasn't stopped us from laughing like loons at that hairy, orange puppet.

Ooh, maybe I'll try to find the A-team next week...

I pity the fool who can't appreciate the cornball 80's!

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