Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Monday

James is safely overseas. We have Skyped a few times since he arrived in the Middle East. As soon as the rest of the team arrives, they will be on the move yet again. I am hoping his next arrangement offers him the same conveniences. It's so comforting to see him on the webcam. Isaiah couldn't stop grinning from ear-to-ear at his Daddy on the screen.

I would make a great Dog Mom. Over the weekend, our new neighbor's little girl brought a pug to my door that had wandered into their garage. She said she checked the tags, but wasn't familiar enough with the neighborhood to locate the owner. I checked the tag and saw that it was one street over. I took the pug inside so I could gather the kids and deliver her home. First I called the number on her tag. The guy who answered swore he didn't own a pug and didn't live at that address. He said this wasn't the first time he had received phone calls about this dog. Super. Of course, Mariah fell in love and wanted to keep her. To make matters worse, no one was home when we tried to take her back. Back to Brownie Central we went, pug in tow. Mariah couldn't wait to play with her. Isaiah didn't share her enthusiasm---especially after the drive-by licks to his face. Savannah watched from a distance. For a girl who claims to want a dog with all of her heart and soul, she sure wasn't keen on the idea of being close to one. Which is reason #766 why we won't be getting a dog anytime soon....if ever.

We returned later and still no answer at the door. I managed to flag down a passing Military Police car. Starsky and Hutch did the same thing I did: called the number on the tag and rang the doorbell at the house. I'd make a good cop, too. Their next-door neighbor agreed to keep the dog until the owners got home, much to Mariah's chagrin. I'm pretty sure she had even picked out a name at that point.

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