Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to My Life

I came home last night to 3 intact children, a hubby who cooked dinner, and a spotless house. My crew survived the weekend without me--just like I knew they would. Maybe I should get away more often...

My weekend on the East Coast for my grandmother's funeral was bittersweet. The sting of the realization that Grandnannie is truly gone was tempered with the joy of reconnecting with so many of my loved ones. Grandnannie was well-respected and the outpouring of love and admiration made it obvious.

As a treat to myself, I decided to upgrade to First Class on the flight back to Seattle. It was absolutely worth it. Did you know they address you as "MR." or "MRS." __________ <--insert your last name here?! I was totally amused by this. I have flown a kazillion times before, but I've always had The Brownies in tow. First Class had become a fleeting dream that seemed to pass me by as easily as I had passed by those coveted first rows of seating on my way to coach.

I felt guilty at first. Maybe this was a frivolous waste of money ~ in a recession, no less! But I swallowed hard, shifted my weight in my oversized leather seat, stretched out my legs, like--A MILE in front of me, spread out my Sunday edition of The Washington Post, smiled as the Milano cookie touched my lips, and thought to myself: I'm just doing my part to help stimulate the economy. And it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

I had to capture this precious moment. They are just a few of my grandmother's 45+ great-grandchildren.


Hopefully, this is a one of the scenes we'll be seeing a lot more of soon...

The view from my First Class upgrade. Yeaaaah, boyeeeee!


Jenny B said...

I'm glad James had things in order for you when you came home. And good for you for going 1st class. That is a treat fo' sho'!

Jenny B said...

I hit send to soon. I'm sorry about your loss. 45+ great-grandbabies is amazing!

Sharon said...

Thanks, JennyB! I have 25 first cousins on my mother's side and we all kind of "grew up together". It's so surreal seeing *us* all with kids of our own now!

Michele said...

It certainly was bittersweet, so well said, Mandie.

FIRST CLASS!!! That is soooo awesome, Mrs. B :)

So glad that you had a safe trip home and that all is well. I know your crew missed you!

Sharon said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday and anniversary yesterday, Michele! It was so good seeing you and your family this weekend. You all are beautiful!

And I think Sarah really warmed up to me. ;)

Michele said...

Thank you so much, our day was wonderful!

I want you to know that I am so happy that you and Sarah connected! Sarah is not "easily warmed". She can be a tough cookie and gives folks a once (and twice) over before she interacts. I am certain that your infectious smile, love & warmth cut right through that once over and she loved you right from the start.

Now about you...You have got to be the HOTTEST wife of nearly 14 years and mother of 3 that I have ever laid my eyes on…seriously! You make the rest of us wife & mommies proud!

Sharon said...

Aww shucks, Michele. *blush*

Girl, YOU look amazing! Whatever you are doing, it is working for you. ;) You make me so proud...your faith, your patience, your dedication. I'm am totally inspired by you!