Monday, June 8, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Sorry, Christy! I get an "F" for originality. What can I say? You nailed it. :)

One of Isaiah's two loose teeth finally surrendered this weekend. I was shocked at how emotional his losing it made me. My little boy is growing up...losing teeth...turning 5 this week and all.

What's a mama to do?


Jenny B said...

He's so cute!!!

Karen the Californian said...

I can't believe he's lost a tooth already! Every day Elizabeth has a new question about loose teeth -- I think she's anxious about when IT happens to her but for now all her teeth are firmly rooted in their sockets. Kinda' ironic since she was an early teether (8 teeth by 7 months of age!) to begin with.

Jamie said...

So cute!

Sam is also eager about losing hers. Unfortunatly for her, I don't think it will be anytime soon.

Christy said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Feel free to "bite" off of me anytime, my friend. (See, there I go again. I just can't stop!)

So glad you didn't have to resort to desperate measures to get it out. Love his new smile!

Michele said...

Oh my Lord, I can't take how cute my little cousin/nephew is. He's really got the 5 year old thing going on!